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What is a True Arrive and Drive Experience 

This course is an introduction to karting. Its purpose is to teach the simple elements of driving at racing speeds, and to practice the fundamentals which include braking, cornering, racing lines, and safety!! 

Both the seasoned veteran and the karting newcomer are made comfortable in this race track setting.

How Much/What is Included?

$500.00 per day/plus track fees, includes:

  • VLR Race ready gokart w/fuel and tires

  • Instructions on basic driving techniques, proper use and knowledge of the gokart

  • Drinks & Light Snack

  • Booking is based on a first come first served per payment received, so book early  

***Requirements For Use of GoKarts***

  • Must be 12 Years of age or older/under 18 Years must have parental consent required

  • Must have Snell Rated Helmet of       (SA2010 or Newer)

  • Long Sleeve Shirt, Pants, and Gloves or Driver Suit are Mandatory!!!!!!

  • Minimum Height of 48 inches, weight and height restrictions may apply

  • All Legal Forms to be signed and reviewed by legal Guardian and or Driver of legal age of 18

  • **Persons with health risk or pregnancy may not participate.


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