About Us

18 Years of International Racing Experience   

Josh Huff jumped into the professional side of motorsports when he was just 18-years-of-age,working as a formula car mechanic in the Star Mazda Championship. Josh earned great respect within the industry and began moving up the ladder system. He has worked and had great success as a mechanic in all forms of motorsports from, Sports Car, Indy Car, Off-Road, and the purest form of racing, Karting!!!!


Experience and knowledge are certainly key components to success in motorsports. With over two decades in racing, and racing go-karts from east to west coast, JHM can assist and provide you, the customer the dedication and team support to reach your racing goals. "I want to build a foundation on teaching, and driver development for the rising stars of karting, while also supporting the new local drivers who keep this great sport growing," stated owner Josh Huff.